Teaching methodology: Online & classroom Teaching for Prelim, Mains & Viva (Interview) also.

  • Intensive classroom/online training with about 9-11 subject expert Faculties from NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, Practicing Senior advocates and 4 Rt. Judges like Venkat Sudharshan, Sarad Chandra, Shankar Gulli, Ravindra
  • Specially designed high-quality Study materials with5500+ practice questions, 70+ Extensive unit tests, 40+ mock tests.
  • 11 days Free Coaching before joining the Course*.
  • We make sure that you will Enjoy every class. So we have more activity based learning concepts like PTPT- peer to peer teaching, Debates, History behind Mystery, News Gossip,Interactive Active Participation class, Class Flowchart, etc
  • 21 days money back Guarantee*
  • 100% performance Improvement Guarantee or Refund of Tuition Fees*
  • UrsDay Loyalty Card: 100% Pass Guarantee or Infinite years FREE repeat Coaching*
  • Small Batch size of 18+ students or Individual Coaching option.

Our Uniqueness

  • Apart from Just course Training, we take Special sessions like-
  • FMC- monthly Fire- Up class (It help students to stay focus & motivated)
  • IMC- Individual Monthly Counselling (to understand every child closely)
  • Memory power, Speed Reading Classes, EST-Effective Study Techniques,
  • PTM- Parent Teacher Meet in every alternate month
  • We take mock Viva- Interviews also.
  • This help students to build strong emotional quotient rather than just course study. This help especially for average students to get 100% improvement.
  • We strongly believe that EQ is more important than IQ.
  • We teach exclusively only for law & order ( Dedicated Institute for only Law Entrances)

Specialized classes for framing of Issues, Charges and writing Judgement

CoursesDurationFees (batch size 35+ & 17+ )
Lord Justice 1 (fresher
8 to 9 Months
  (430+ hrs)
Lord Justice 2
18-21 months
(560+ hrs )
DJ- District Judge
(7 Yrs Exp.)
10 Months
  (630+ hrs)
Judicial Exam
Specially designed
study Books & Practice Tests


Above tuition charges are standard specially considered in tier one/ metro cities (especially in head office). GST will be added extra in the above fees.


  •  To register for UDX Big Promise and Lifetime Membership Card: you need to pay Rs.5555/-*
  • The fees will vary according to every city & branches. So, please check and confirm tuition fees in respective branches before paying.
  • Once tuition fees are paid, it won’t be refunded back
Course Covered Subjects

Focus Subjects

  •  C P C
  • C R P C
  • Evidence Act
  • Constitutional Law & Indian Politics
  • Indian Penal Code 
  • Specific Relief Act
  • Limitation Act
  • Law Of Tort
  • Jurisprudence
  • Law Of Contract
  • Sale Of Goods
  • Partnership Act
  • Transfer of Property
  • Family Law
  • Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Mathematical ability & logical reasoning
  • Essay Writing
  • General Studies Subject- i.e. Indian History, Economy, Geography, Science & Technology classes will be organized ( need to pay extra amount for it)
  • Teaching in Hindi or any state language medium will cost Rs. 10,000/- extra.
  • Teaching for state language translation and extra state-specific laws will cost Rs. 7000/- per additional subjects/topics**
  • If you have a strong belief in yourself (Special Talent- To Convince People), Go for the “UDX Challenge Award” and Join the courses FREELY**