To Inspire & Prepare how to be world-class lawyers, judges & bureaucrats (Administrators)

UrsDay Xtra-school Private Limited (Branded as “UDX Institute” dedicated only for the law) is an institution co-founded by an Alumni of NALSAR Hyderabad, IIM Bangalore and a graduate from Symbiosis(SIBM) college. For a decade, a team of highly qualified professionals like IAS/ IFS officers, lawyers, economists, N.L.U. professors and judges have been consistently working, delivering quality education. Our students receive comprehensive training for CLAT, AILET, SET, LSAT- India and other law school entrance exams, judiciary exams.

Our Integrity

We give lifetime membership and mentorship support for all our students. If in case, students couldn’t perform well in the exams at the 1st attempt, he/she will get the either Infinite years of FREE Repeat Coaching or Refund of Tuition Fees*. Because we not only strongly believe in our quality education, but also innovate always various creative Classroom experience.

  • 11 days Free Coaching before joining the Course*.
  • 15 days money back Guarantee*
  • 100% performance Improvement Guarantee or Refund of Tuition Fees*
  • Small Batch size of 18+ students or Individual Coaching.

Our Uniqueness:

Apart from Just course Training, we take special sessions like FMC- monthly Fire- Up class, IMC- Individual Monthly Counselling (to understand every child closely), Memory power, speed Reading Classes, EST-Effective Study Techniques, PTM- Parent Teacher Meet in every alternate month, PTPT- Peer To peer Teaching every fortnight. This help students to build strong emotional quotient rather than just course study. This help especially for average students to get 100% improvement.

We strongly believe that EQ is more important than IQ.

Mentors and Teachers

  1. Mrs. Sumedha is a NALSAR Hyderabad graduate with illustrative experience in teaching, coaching and mentor-ship. She was ranked 7th in all India CLAT exam, 2009.
  2. Mr.Tikesh Bodele and Mr.Heetesh are top MBA graduates from Symbiosis College with a vast industrial experience. They are specialised trainers for quantitative aptitude, ancient mathematics and logical reasoning.
  3. Dr Padmini Rao MA [Ecs], PhD [Ecs], is an MBA graduate who has a long teaching experience of 42 years in economics,statistics and is part of the management at a premier institution in Bangalore, The National College.
  4. Ms. Neha has 10 years of experience in teaching, logical reasoning and has been trained in mathematics to compete in different competitive exams.
  5. Mr. Ritesh is an MBA from IIM, M.Tech. from IISC Bangalore,  is an IAS pass out and also possess vast industrial exposure.
  6. Mr. Santosh Gayakwad:  Is a retired IRS officer
  7. Mr. Ashok ChalPathi : Is the director for Karnataka Kannada and Cultural Department, Bangalore
  8. Prof. Kavya : Is a law professor at Bangalore University law dept, and also has a PhD from NALSAR Hyderabad.
  9. Amol Dhakade: Has an MBA from Germany, entrepreneurship development and specialist in new innovative idea incubation, is a great exposure for training and preparation program for international entrance exams
  10. Jayant Ramteke: MBA From IIMK, has a vast experience in training and development sector with Fortune 500 companies.

Advisers & Mentors:

Prof. Ravivarma Kumar: Is an ex-advocate General of Karanataka,Senior Advocate Karanataka High Court.

Senior Advocate C.S. Dwarakanath: Former chairman of Backward Class Commission, Karnataka, and a famous writer of many  magazines and leading news papers-  Hindu, Deccan herald and Time of India.

Santosh Hegade: Ex-Lokayukta-Karnataka Senior Advocate and an advisor for Aam Admi Party, India

Rules and Regulations

  • Fees once paid, is neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances. Late payment of fees due is strictly prohibited and if any, the student is liable to pay a fine of Rs.200. following other consequences like being stopped from attending the classes. Late payment under reasonably explained circumstances is tolerated with prior written permission from the institute.
  • Permission for installment payment of fees will be issued only for one month or a maximum of 45days. Once tuition fees offered, bill receipt has been given & admission form has been signed by the student, fees cannot be modified at any circumstances. The Directors hold the discretion to offer a discount on tuition fees.
  • Students are requested not to urge upon offers and discounts on fees since the institution always offers the best of fees as per market rates. Discount in fees may be offered based on various seasonal & special offers, student numbers in a batch, time of joining & underprivileged backgrounds, scholarship schemes, etc. But, it is the final discretionary power of Directors & authorized senior managers to finalize fees. So, there might be fees difference among the students in one batch.
  • The students are advised to cooperate with each other and with the staff, also carrying the minimum of things with themselves to the classroom.
  • The student is entitled to attend the classes only during the course duration for which he/she has enrolled  and also only in the batch in which he/she has enrolled. In case one wants to repeat the course or part of the course thereafter, he/she will have to deposit the full course fees again.
  • Important Note:
  • Those students who have to leave in between the course due to their law faculty exam(LLB. only) have to take prior permission at the time of admission with written permission from the institute at the beginning of the course.  You will be later allowed to do only those classes which you have missed out during your exams. Without written permission, no such classes will be allowed later. 
  • A student who joins the institute and does not attend the classes from the date of commencement of his/her course is not entitled to get his/her date of admission extended unless a written permission obtained. In case of failure to do so, the student is liable to get his/her admission canceled whereupon any fees already deposited shall be forfeited by the institute from the said date.
  • Irregularity in attending the classes is strictly prohibited.
  • The institute will not be responsible for the non-completion of the course if a student has not been regular to the classes. Reasonably explained absence, tolerated under the prior signature of the institute.
  • A student is required to be seated in the class at least ten minutes before the commencement of the lecture. Latecomers will strictly not be entertained
  • The course duration is subject to minor extensions (15 – 20 days) under special circumstances (e.g., illness of the teacher, extra classes for some subjects, etc.,).
  • The student should give some contact numbers to the institute. In case no such number is given, the institute will not be responsible for any inconvenience caused due to any sudden alteration of the class schedule.
  • Eatables and the use of mobile phones in the classroom are strictly prohibited.
  • Study material and cases or other handouts are to be collected on a signature from the office.
  • Any audio or video recording of lectures will strictly not be entertained, and the violation of this condition shall make the student liable to terminated.
  • The teacher holds the discretion to change the venue of lectures if any such need arises during the continuance of the course.
  • Discipline is taken very seriously and indiscipline will lead to termination of the student. Indiscipline includes any act of quarrel or fight in the premises of the institute or in the immediate surroundings.