No.10:- Rohinton F Nariman:

He is a Harvard law student and was the judge of the Supreme Court. He is acting as the solicitor general of India and seniors counsel. He is known as the master of the corporate cases. Critical arguments and special constitutional skills have made him one of the top successful lawyers. He also charges a ton on each of the seating. He was the only exception made by the Supreme Court who appointed him as Senior Advocate at age of 37 instead of the mandatory 45 year.

 No.9:- Soli J Sorabjee: 

He has fought many international cases . He has got a success rate that is more than 80% and is one of top the national lawyer. He charges 2 lakh for each of the seating.  

 No.8:- Fali S Nariman-

This exceptional lawyer is versed with constitutional knowledge and is one of the top lawyers that represent the political parties in the court. His appearance for the business farms marks the difference, because of his amazing argument skills and super questioning style. He charges 8-15 lakhs per appearance (Rs.25 lakhs/day).

No.7:- Ram Jethmalani- 

He is one of the highly expensive criminal lawyer and is one of the biggest names in the nation who fights for criminals. Most of the big corporate house cases, national or big political cases have been fought by him. At the age of 90 also this master of the Indian constitution charges 10 to 20 lakhs on every sitting/appearance.

No.6:- Harish Salve-

He is a famous corporate lawyer, who became famous  after the twin cases of Doordarshan Telecast right case and the case of Ambani’s brother Gas dispute. He charges around 4.5 for each sitting and the success rate is havoc. He charges Rs. 15 lakh/appearance. (Rs. 30 lakh/per day)



 No.5:- K Parasaran-

 Whenever any suite is recorded against the corruption, the name of this old lawyer comes first. He has the best quality to sort out the typical corruptions and that made him one of the most popular names in the history of constitutional practice in India.  

No.4:- Abhishek Manu Singhvi-

The National Flag Case is one of the top cases that he has gotten success. The success rate is almost 100% for this lawyer although he accepts limited cases. He charges over Rs. 6 lakh in every appearance in court. He was the youngest Attorney General of India at the age of 37 years..


No.3:- K K Venugopal-

He has been the greatest lawyer that projected the Mandal Commission in the 90‘s. He is one of the best lawyer with great concept of constitutional analysis. He charges around 2-3 lac for every sitting. He received the Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awards.



No.2:- Mukul Rohatgi-

He charges 5 lakhs for one sitting. The success ratio of this lawyer is near to 90 percent and that is the reason for the huge charge. He has been the favored lawyer for the Political leaders and giant business houses. He is the Current attorney general of India and served as the additional solicitor general of India too.


Number 1:- Gopal Subramaniam-

The remarkable case of this aged lawyer is the Mumbai terrorist attacks case, where he represented the state against the crime. His takes an average of Rs. 5 lakh for every sitting.